“Tik’s ability to quietly communicate to horses is impressive. By observation of a horse’s movement, behavior and body language, and using the simplest of aids and equipment, Tik creates a plan to train each horse so they are relaxed, more easily trainable and happy to be ridden.”   
~ Kimberly Scudder, Dressage Rider

Natural horsemanship, or horse psychology as Tik’s technique is termed, is the wave of the equestrian sports future. The top German riding centers have already invited over “natural horsemanship” people to see what they can learn from them and U.S. Equestrian coach David O’Connor is a huge proponent of this technique. Tik has the support of the key influencers in the U.S and Canada and they are looking to him for innovative training methods.

Tik believes in developing fundamentals at the most basic level to be successful as horses mature. Horses need to learn to walk, stand, catch, come, go, turn, ground-tie, mount easily, and get used to new things before they progress in their mounted training. Tik’s techniques do things such as help a spooky horse relax, or help a young horse get used to the leg for example. 

For those people who are more experienced, horse psychology helps them advance up the levels developing further understanding and better communication with their horses. This is done, through pressure and release of pressure, using horses natural curiosity, and adjusting the program and the speed of the program to each specific horse. Most of all the most basic foundational problems are identified and addressed with empathy, respect, communication and trust through this horse psychology program.

Tik’s methods are proven and have worked with horses who have not responded to numerous other training techniques.  He is compassionate and has a natural ability to help horses reach new levels in various disciplines.

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