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USEA Featured Clinician: Tik Maynard
Eventing News, August 16, 2019

Tik Maynard’s unique equestrian resume has enabled him to successfully develop horses and riders through a teaching philosophy that instills confidence and sets pairs up for success regardless of end goals. A revered natural horsemanship and eventing trainer, Maynard’s career with horses has evolved from experiences for the betterment of horse and rider relationships. READ MORE >>

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Review of Tik Maynard’s In the Middle are the Horsemen
Horseman’s Log, August 7, 2019

I recently went on a solo holiday to Croatia. I was looking for a place to recentre and grow some roots to ground myself in what was becoming an increasingly chaotic period of my life. I was questioning everything, horsey and non-horsey, and in an effort to find my way through the maze of uncertainty I was building, I pulled out a well-thumbed copy of Tik Maynard’s book In the Middle are the Horsemen to accompany me. READ MORE >>

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Be a Good Friend: 5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Horse
Noelle Floyd, June 3, 2019

A life with horses is a never-ending journey of education. No matter how many hours logged in the saddle or how many ribbons won, horses have a way of bringing us back down to earth, humbling us, teaching us, forcing us to improve so that they may also be better. For Tik Maynard, growing up and building a life around horses has also been a path to self-discovery. READ MORE >>

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Uncomplicated: An Excerpt from ‘In the Middle Are the Horsemen’
Practical Horseman, May 14, 2019

Eventer and natural horsemanship advocate Tik Maynard studies the horse and human nature and how the two can find balance.

“One Tuesday morning I woke up and announced to the empty RV I was living in, “I’m in Florida. I’m at David and Karen O’Connor’s place! Bada-bing. Bada-boom!”  I turned the radio on. John Mayer greeted me, singing about past frustration and so-called problems.  I did a little dance.” READ MORE >>

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Should Dressage Halt the Mandatory Double Bridle Rule?
Noelle Floyd, May 3, 2019

At the highest levels of dressage a double bridle is mandatory — a point of contention often debated on amongst industry riders and trainers alike. According to the professionals I spoke with, the rule exists solely because of tradition. The compulsory double bridle is “totalitarian” according to six-time Canadian Olympian, Christilot Hanson-Boylen. ‘The rule does not come from the horse’s point of view,’ she says. ‘The times are gone when we can think like that.’ ”  READ MORE >>

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What To Do When You Can’t Catch Your Horse…And It’s Not Funny Anymore
Noelle Floyd, March 13, 2019

At a horse trials last year a new student of mine turned her horse out into a small, rented paddock. “Great,” she thought, “he will be able to relax and eat some grass.”

That afternoon she found me and admitted, slowly: “I can’t catch him.”  READ MORE >>

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Hot Take: Letting Your Green Horse Refuse a Jump Can Actually Pay Off Later
Noelle Floyd, February 15, 2019

Imagine you’re aboard a green horse who is cross-country schooling for the first time – a daunting experience to say the least. You trot towards the water jump, close your leg, the horse sees the water (scary, I know), and instead of happily splashing through, he hits the breaks and stops, refusing to get one step closer. What do you do?   READ MORE >>

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Punishment or Encouragement? The Discussion We Must Have About Why We’re Whipping Our Horses
Noelle Floyd, January 15, 2019

When my father was 12 years old he snuck out of school. He and a friend had heard there were budgies (parakeets) kept a few blocks away in the lane behind someone’s house. They knew leaving the grounds was against the rules. They knew what the punishment would be.  READ MORE >>

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Book Review: Equestrian Tik Maynard Highlights Horses, Horsemanship In New Book
Vancouver Sun, August 15, 2018

“In his first book, In the Middle are the Horsemen, Vancouver-born and raised equestrian Tik Maynard takes riders on a journey that follows him from that pivotal point of deciding where he wanted to go with his life, through finding his own place in the horse world. And what an enjoyable ride it is.”  READ MORE>>

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Canada’s Rising Star: Tik Maynard
Eventing Connect, May 10, 2015

Canada’s Tik Maynard has already represented Canada at the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan Am Games, competing in the Modern Pentathalon. Now a full-time eventer, if the result he just pulled off at Red Hills International with his 7-year-old gelding, Dutch Times, is an indication of what is to come, he may be a second time Pan Am competitor this year in Toronto.   READ MORE>>